The Zulus – April 2018

The village hall was full and we were royally entertained by 5 Zulus.  It was lovely to have a number of families at the event.  A few people even got with the Zulus to dance and some children could not resist the photo opportunity!

Thandanani Gumede introduced each part of their act with great good humour and then handled a number of interesting questions at the end.

It was a great evening.


Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose gave us an evening to remember with songs from well known artists from the last forty years or so.  The songs were all selected by Hannah for their great lyrics and she certainly made the most of them.  Her take on them was refreshingly different with her wonderful voice.  A number of songs she had written herself and they matched up very well.

She was joined by drummer Ali who added a gentle beat when needed.

The village hall was packed again and the audience still wanted more at the end of the show.

Leos Strings

1-20170304_213445The musicianship last Saturday night was superb and our goodly sized audience responded accordingly with rapturous applause.

We also learnt about how each of the musicians earned a living and about the history of their individual instruments. A pleasant interlude between a great mix of music including classical, jazz, their own arrangements, theme tunes and more.

We all had a brilliant evening and are hoping Leos Strings’s will be able to join us again before too long.



The music they created was sublime.  We learnt that Chris created many short tunes during his career as a musical artist at the BBC.  He has also produced tunes that perfectly blend the sounds and capabilities of the harp and guitar played by experts.  The result was astounding and the audience applause was tremendous.

A goodly number were there so the atmosphere was great.  Loads of people came up to me afterwards and said they hoped to see Maire and Chris again soon.  I hope so too!

Richard Wallwork